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As approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas our Bank, Hiyas Banking Corporation (HBC), is a simple non-complex thrift bank, engaged in deposit solicitation and providing short-term working capital-, medium- and long-term financing to businesses engaged in agriculture, services, industry and housing as well as diversified financial services particularly to small and medium enterprises and individuals. HBC ascribes to the retail funded business model with deposits being our primary source of fund. Our consumer-oriented services include demand and savings accounts, mortgages and various types of loans.




HIYAS BANKING CORPORATION ( THRIFT BANK ) was organized under the existing Philippine banking laws in the goal of mobilizing small savings towards actively promoting savings consciousness, providing accessible and affordable medium and long term credit facilities and financial assistance to both small and medium enterprises, and promoting countryside development through financing in the urban and non-urban areas as a potent catalyst of growth and a reliable partner of the government towards rendering dedicated and committed service of integrity. 




To rise up to the challenge of extending available, accessible and affordable credit to small and medium enterprises and the different sectors who are in need of financial assistance, in the conscious effort of becoming a potent catalyst of growth and a reliable partner of the government towards rendering service to our depositors and clients, with the dedication and commitment, integrity and responsibility expected of us as a major player in the thrift banking industry.

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