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Personal Banking

We provide different financial services to individual consumers . 

Types of Deposit Accounts

1. Demand Deposit

2. Savings Account

3. Special Savings Account

4. Time Deposit

Types of Loans

1. Agrarian Reform Loan

2. Other Agricultural Credit Loan

3. Small/Medium Scale Enterprise

4. Loans for Housing

5. Loans for Consumption

6. Loans for Other Purposes






Special Savings



A deposit account otherwise known as current or checking account. This refers to deposit payable upon demand, non-interest bearing and subject to withdrawal thru check. The depositor must maintain a minimum deposit balance so as not to be charged with a corresponding service fee within the month.

A peso Demand Deposit may be opened with a comparatively lower initial and maintaining balance requirement of P 5,000.00.

A Savings Account has the advantage of a minimum opening and maintaining balance requirement of only P 500.00 that earns interest at prevailing Bank’s rate and can be withdrawn by the depositor any time upon presentation of properly accomplished withdrawal slip and covering passbook. Moreover, when withdrawal is made thru a representative, valid identification papers shall be presented by the authorized representative along with the depositor’s properly completed withdrawal slip and covering passbook.

Special Savings Deposit is given a higher interest rate corresponding to the amount and term of placement, provided it reaches its maturity. Minimum initial deposit requirement of P 100,000.00.

Compared to Special Savings Deposit, Long-term Time Deposit is exempted from the 20% withholding tax and still enjoys the higher rate of interest provided it reaches its maturity. Interest payments shall be regularly received and may be dispensed at the option of the depositor. Minimum deposit requirement of P 500,000.00.


Agrarian Reforms Loans


Other Agricultural Credit Loan


Small and Medium Scale
Enterprise Loan

  • This refers to the amortized cost of production and other types of loans granted to beneficiaries of agrarian reform, namely: tillers, tenant farmers, settlers, agricultural lessees, amortizing owners, owner-cultivators, farmers, cooperatives, and compact farms

  • This refers to the amortized cost of loans granted to borrowers who are not beneficiaries of agrarian reform to finance activities relating to agriculture and processing, marketing, storage and distribution of products resulting from these activities.

  • This refers to amortized cost of loans granted to any business activity or enterprise engaged in industry, agribusiness and/or services, whether single proprietorship, cooperative, partnership and corporation whose total assets, inclusive of those arising from loans but exclusive of the land on which the particular business entity's office, plant and equipment are situated, must have a value falling under the following categories:

       For Small-Scale Enterprise : more than                 Three Million to Fifteen Million

       For Medium-Scale Enterprise : more than             Fifteen Million to One Hundred Million


Loans for Consumption

Loans for Housing


Loans for Other Purposes

  • This refers to the amortized cost of loans granted to individuals for housing purposes, which may be for the acquisition, construction, or improvement of a residential unit.

  • This refers to the amortized cost of loans granted to individuals for consumption purposes.

  • This refers to the amortized cost of other loans granted to individuals that cannot be classified under any of the foregoing classifications. The same shall be presented under Other Micro Enterprise Loan in the Financial Reporting Package.

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